Co Lab

In our mission to bring characterful and environmentally-friendly residential properties, we have collaborated with the best in the field of sustainable product design and eco lifestyle service providers. These brands take the wellbeing of Mother Nature of utmost importance and in turn encourage us to lead healthier and spiritually uplifting lifestyles.


Woolly Pockets

Back in 2008 brothers Miguel & Rodney Nelson invented vertical wall planters made of recycled plastic bottles. Over the past few years, the Woolly family has grown to include a passionate team of plant-minded folk working from Los Angeles and Phoenix U.S.A in earth friendly offices collaborating to inspire the world to have more fun with plants. Look out for the woollypocket housed greenies throughout the common areas of our property.  


Nordic ECO Shower

Swedish manufacturer NordicECO heralds a breakthrough in water efficiency. A technique unique to Nordic Eco - the turbine vane innovation drives water in cloud burst releases, harnessing physical properties of water drops like no other. At Atria we have applied in selective apartments the NordicECO Stockholm line so you may experience this award winning environmentally friendly product. 


Hong Kong Recycle

There was no doubt in our minds when we came across the earth friendly folks from HK Recycles that we had to get down to work with them. HK Recycles is a multi-faceted social enterprise with a mission to provide a convenient and low cost solution to household recycling. By collecting recyclables that are in turn reused and repurposed HK Recycles hire marginalized people with little or no job experience as collectors training them to run a large part of daily operations. 


Herbal Bliss

Ophelia Chan of Herbal Bliss an organic, herbal, and aromatherapeutic store owner is a pioneer for her field of work in Hong Kong. Ophelia is a purveyor of fine organic aroma and beauty products that contain no oil, FD&C dyes, paragons or artificial fragrance. At Atria we are proud to offer Ophelia's blend of 10 USDA certified organic herbs a combination of 3 different kind of roses, lemon balm, Italian everlasting, spearmint, patchouli adapted strategically around the property to uplift the mood.


Flow Book Shop

Flow bookshop is not your average main street book shop. It's owner Surdham believes in the recycling of books, music and movie editions hence the recirculation of them. At Atria we have set up a "flowagain" book corner which aim to provide our tenants with a good selection of science fiction to traveller guides for some intriguing and insightful book worming…

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